Apron Strings & Atom Bombs
The Story of the Union of Australian Women

Producer/Director: Shona Stephen
Written by: Shona Stephen & Cheryl Paul
1996, Australia, 28 mins, documentary

This documentary reveals the treasured memories of nine Melbourne women who have been members of the Victorian Branch of the Union of Australian Women since the early 1950s. It is a story of four decades of struggle from 1950 to the 1990s, for the rights and justice of Australian women.



Left-Wing Ladies
The Union of Australian Women in Victoria, 1950 - 2012 (2nd edition)
By Suzane Fabian and Morag Loh

Copyright © Sue Fabian and Morag Loh 2000

Left-Wing Ladies sheds light on the policies and practices of Australian governments, political parties, trade unions, security and intelligence organisations, the Churches and the women's movement. It has relevance for anyone interested in the politics of the Left, women's issues and feminism, the peace movement - and how to organise at grassroots level.


Stop The Rot
Women Stand Their Ground

Published in March 1999 by the Victorian Trades Hall Council.
Compiled by Ellen Kleimaker, Women's & Equity Officer, Victorian Trades Hall Council with the assistance of Sandy King, Student on Placement, Swinburne University.
Victorian Trades Hall Council
54 Victoria Street, Carlton South VIC 3053

Working women speak about the impact of recent legislative changes on their working and home lives. And by speaking up, women take one step further to Stop The Rot in industrial relations.

We are workers, wives, care givers, mothers, cleaners, cooks, gardeners, chauffeurs and much more. We do the vast majority of unpaid work. We are particularly badly affected by health, education, social security, aged care and housing cuts. We are badly impacted by the industrial changes. We are being attacked by State and Federal governments.

We will fight back - we will stop the rot !!!

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More Than a Hat and Glove Brigade
The Story of the Union of Australian Women By Barbara Curthoys & Audrey McDonald

First Published in 1996
Copyright © Union of Australian Women
All rights reserved

This book is about the Union of Australian Women which was formed in 1950, emerging from the New Housewives Association. It tells the story of the UAW's rapid development in all states, to become an outspoken campaigner around such issues as peace, equal pay, International Women's Day, Aboriginal rights and independence. Discussed in the book is the way, in its early years, the organisation came under the surveillance of ASIO. Incidents, humorous and not so humorous are referred to, one ASIO officer describing the UAW as a "monstrous regiment of women". The story of UAW member's dedication and determination over 45 years makes engrossing reading.

This publication contains important contemporary lessons of the courage and commitment of women of the UAW to the status of women everywhere. The UAW steadfastly maintained its truly international perceptive throughout these difficult years. Patricia Giles, Former Senator for Western Australia (1981 - 83)

I am delighted the UAW has recorded its activities within Australia and abroad. The ANC Women's Section benefited a lot from the assistance given by the UAW; the support which carried throughout the struggle 'till the emergence of the new South Africa. Gertrude Shope, Member of the South African Parliament

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Taking Time
Women's Historical Data Kit

Compiled and edited by Yvonne Smith,
former officer of the Meat Employees' Union,
with a lifetime of interest and activity in the women's movement.
Published by the Union of Australian Women

Taking Time is a fascinating collection of dates and information about organisations, people, legislation and incidents shaping the lives of women in Australia, focussing on Victoria. The entries are brief and to the point with plenty of references with a useful appendix.

Taking Time is most definitely a book for women to have on their bookshelves. This valuable reference is attractive produced. The information is on historical and contemporary events is relevant to the present and continuing struggles for equity in all aspects of social and political life.

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Ordinary Women Extraordinary Lives
Capturing the Contribution of Victorian Women since Federation

Published by Victorian Women's Trust

It used to be said that women were absent from history texts, because they hadn't done anything. Well, if ever proof were needed to the contrary, here it is. Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives provides graphic confirmation of what women's historians have been telling us for some years now - that women have always worked, that they have contributed to the community in crucial ways,that they have always done things! Indeed, reading about the range of women's activities and achievements represented here can make one feel like a malingerer of the first order....
Marilyn Lake
Professor of History, LaTrobe University



Nothing on a Plate
Celebrating Women's Journey towards Equity in Victoria
1901 - 2001

A Union of Australian Women Centenary of Federation Project
Supported by Centenary of federation Victoria and the Victorian federation Grants Scheme

The UAW thanks the Search Foundation and the Melbourne Unitarian Memorial Church for their contributions towards the cost of publishing this catalogue.

Nothing on a Plate Catalogue and Nothing on a Plate a travelling photographic exhibition.



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