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The Union of Australian Women's new edition of the ‘Women’s Map of Melbourne City’ was launched on June 18, 2007 by Lily D’Ambrosio MP,Parliamentary Secretary for Women’s Affairs, at the Queen Victoria Women’s  Centre

The second edition of the Women’s Map of Melbourne gives a prominent place to the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre as a place for women, in its listing of services for women in the City as well as celebrating the contribution women have made to the life and history of the city. Based on the renowned ‘Taking Time’ it highlights many campaigns by women for equity and justice, from the right to vote to the continuing struggle for work place equality.

Since the first edition of the Women’s Map several items and sites highlighted as of significance to women have been added to the Victorian Heritage Register for example the 1891 Suffrage petition and the WCTU 1901 Free Drinking Water Foundation near the Queen Victoria Market.

 The Women’s Map Project was supported by a coalition of women’s organizations and  the City of Melbourne Community Information and Support Grants Program.

Sponsoring organizations have received copies of the Women’s Map #2 for distribution. The map is also be available through the UAW office

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